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Default Re: One of the Scariest Things You'll Ever Read

With all due respect, and you folks know I'm not a troublemaker; if there are things going on behind the scenes that should stay there, then leave them there. To make comments based on that knowledge, and to then bring it out here, and then tell us that we can't comment because we don't know the whole story.... well, then you're talking about stuff out front that should be left in the back.

And of course you are allowed an opinion, fan76. But the opinion you are voicing in this thread isn't directed toward the subject, toward the issue raised in the post; it is an opinion about whether or not the post is proper, or on topic. If this is an administrative issue, then dropping it on the membership in this way is a bit high-handed, don't you think? And the first amendment is not at all relevant to this message board, as you well know.

And HTG, yes you did ask for a credible source; but you also wrote, in response to fan76's aside about the propriety of the post, "I totally agree Gary. It's getting beyond ridiculous." And then you and fan76 continue constructing straw men to knock down in mocking response; the only times "Buck Fush" and "Bush is a murderer" are mentioned in this thread is by both of you.

I take a lot of pride in telling people that this is one board where a person can find good solid discourse on both sides of an issue. Yes, it's the internet, and anyone can step in with inflammatory rhetoric, but by and large this is a good place where people on both sides can share well thought out opinions.

It would be unrealistic to expect a moderator to not have an opinion, and to refrain for voicing it; I enjoy reading opposing viewpoints, and our moderators have some of the best. But it is not unrealistic to expect moderators to refrain from attempting to influence people from posting based on whether or not they agree with the content off the post. And it is not unrealistic to expect them to give a post they disagree with the same impartiality for its validity that they would extend to one they agree with.

I've always felt that the staff here has done a great job in that manner, which is why this particular incident is so jarringly obvious. I hope it is a minor aberration borne from some behind the scenes frustration and everyone can work it out and get on with business as usual, which includes the great discussion of heavy issues that many of us have come to enjoy.

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