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Default Re: One of the Scariest Things You'll Ever Read

Originally Posted by Mosca View Post
And of course you are allowed an opinion, fan76. But the opinion you are voicing in this thread isn't directed toward the subject, toward the issue raised in the post; it is an opinion about whether or not the post is proper, or on topic. If this is an administrative issue, then dropping it on the membership in this way is a bit high-handed, don't you think? And the first amendment is not at all relevant to this message board, as you well know.
Again, with all due respect, I have to question the propriety of a post when we have been forced to dole out infractions for other politically-based threads that have devolved to name-calling over less controversial subjects than the one dealt with in the initial post of this thread. I don't have a choice but to question the propriety of the thread on the open board when the post itself is made on the open board. Would you rather we lock the thread from behind the scenes? I doubt you would. You can post and simply leave, whereas we have to deal with things when they explode. I was simply trying to head the problems off at the pass, because honestly, I don't see any other purpose of this post than to incite. Thanks.
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