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Default Re: One of the Scariest Things You'll Ever Read

Hammer, I don't see any personal attack on the president in the original post, nor in the article quoted. there is an attack on his policies, but there is no attack on the man himself. But two others did say that others do attack him, and use that as justification to head off discussion of the initial topic. Nevertheless I do think that the policy has been established that it's OK to discuss prominent people in those terms, otherwise we would also not be permitted to mock Chris Henry, or say that Ben was stupid for throwing into triple coverage. And it is certainly fair to throw words at Michael Moore. Bush and Cheney shouldn't be exempt, just like Hillary and Bill and Nancy Pelosi shouldn't be. If you've decided it's OK to gore oxes, then you shouldn't also get to decide which ones people want to gore.

If the owner of the board wants to restrict all discussion, I'll abide. If he wants it open, let it be open. If he wants all political comment to toe a specific line, then it's his forum and he can do that, with no squawk from me. But if so, then tell us what the line is; don't imply it through asides and mockery.

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