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Default Re: Steelers' Alan Faneca: I'll Play Devil's Advocate

All I'm really ticked off about's a contract for however many years....You are contracted to play to the best of your ability, attend mandatory camps and make an effort to get to non-mandatory camps...what have you....

This is not play hard 3 of 4 years and then be a crying pansy baby in your final year because you don't get an extension.

Honestly....(and this goes beyond Faneca too)....if you act like this....or if you do the worst and completely hold don't get paid at all....period...not fined little piddly slap-on-the-wrist fact it should be a breach of that original contract and the team should have the ability to sue the money back out of you.

I'm absolutely sick of guys demanding more money in the last year of their contract. I mean, sure it's a risk to go into your last year without a new contract...I completely understand.....but you're in a very risky injury could happen at any time, any day anyways. Go play golf if you want zero-risk.
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