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Default Re: Big Ben champions no-huddle schemes

Originally Posted by alittlejazzbird View Post
I agree with Tony, the low expectations -- new coaches, new offensive/defensive philosophies, absence of Porter and Hartings, Faneca's unhappines -- will work in the Steelers' favor. Hopefully our opponents will buy into it hook, line and sinker
isnt this the same thing that people thought when they made their run to the superbowl? i think this will definately work in our favor. so maybe we should keep faneca as unhappy as possible

Ben's assertion that the team never ran the no-huddle last season is not exactly accurate; they sometimes used it on two-minute drills and almost always had success with it (most notably in the Raiders fiasco, but it was too little too late). I distinctly remember thinking each time, why isn't this a constant part of the offense? Ben looked like a completely different passer on those drills; confident, accurate and in control.
What about the theory that if he throws more than 15 times a game the steelers lose.?

One thing can be said for sure -- this year, it's on Ben. He gets to call the plays, the protections, everything. If the Steelers sink, there's no question where the responsibility will fall first. I think he's up to it, but time will tell.
You are right. It will be all on his shoulders this year if they fail or succeed.

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