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Default Re: Big Ben champions no-huddle schemes

I'm sure last year was really frustrating for many inside the organization. Even from a fan level, I think it was apparent Cowher's heart wasn't in it a lot of the time.

That being said, I'm not sure Ben's comments are "shots." If he was making suggestions that could have been successful and they weren't used for no good reason, I'd be frustrated too. I respect Bill Cowher a lot and my hat is off for all he accomplished. At the same time, I sometimes wonder if more couldn't have been accomplished if he hadn't been so hard-headed at times.

If some players are criticizing the old regime, the other side of the coin is how many players sound excited and fired up about this season. As a fan, I have a growing optimism. I'm excited that we are staying with our roots but are showing a pre-season willingness to stretch things a bit. Running the no-huddle more often is not exactly a radical idea but I think it opens a lot of doors for us especially against weaker defenses like Cincy. I'm also excited that the players seem to be accepting Tomlin and buying into his ideas. Some of that could be just good press, but it sure seems like he's winning the team over.

Anyway, it's not even June yet but I like what I'm hearing. I also like that expectations for the Steelers are so low. I think we are a much better team than we are given credit for and I'm already tired of baseball and ready to get the game on!
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