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Default Re: The Republicans have sold out America.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
we can pretty much say the last 2 elections were essentially divided 50/50 (very close elections). if Bush still carries a 30-35% approval rating its fair to assume 60-70% of those who voted for him still approve.
Good call T.H.

According to the Gallup Poll, Bush has a tracking average approval rating of 35% for 2007, which breaks out with tracking average approval ratings of 75% among Republicans and 9% (I am surprised it is that high) among Democrats.

Over the course of his administration, Bush's job approval ratings among Republicans have only fallen 20 points from his high point in 2002 to the latest average, his lowest, in the first five months of this year. By comparison, Bush's approval rating has dropped 40 points among independents and 45 points among Democrats.

Maybe the Republicans who were polled thought they were being asked about the job performance of W's Dad.
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