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Default 10 Days of Prayer (maybe fasting too!)

Ok so tomorrow morning I'm taking my wife and 16 year old daughter to the airport for them to spend 10 days in Italy. Yes, please pray for their safe passage and some mother/daughter time while they are there with the tour group.

However, the real purpose of this thread is that I will be at home with my 2 year old daughter. That means for 10 days I've got to feed her breakfast and at least dinner (because she will be at the sitter's during the week for lunch). But it makes me the GO-TO GUY for those 10 days.

So pray for my 2 year old daughter that her father is graced with the wisdom and knowledge of God that she survives (LOL), these 10 days without her mother!!

Of course, this also gives me 10 days to prepare her precious little mind with the solid foundation of 2 things - 1. God is the almighty and 2. Jesus Christ sits on his right hand side but Art Rooney sits on his left!!!

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