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As I have stated on numerous occasions..I am NOT a fan of Townsend....anyone who owns the playoff/superbowl DVD's..can go back and see that Deshea was beat on a regualar basis..and that we had to bring in Carter to "pad" Deshea's side. He almost cost us the Cincy game in the playoffs with a (luckily) non-call on a pass interference in the endzone...and when left by himself against even a semi-talented WR..he was consistanly two steps behind.

In my opinion the reason that some teams seem to give us problems is because of Desheas inability to stay with GOOD 2nd recievers....he is exploited by heads up QB's who know that if they can hit the WR in short to intemediate patterns (before the safety can come up)...Deshea will be out of position.

This not only helps explain 1) why we get beat on those type of pass patterns...but also 2) why Taylor is given the #1 reciever and not usually Townsend....3) why Carter is brought in to jam the reciever and then play the flat....and 4) Why our safeties (especially Troy) are used to disguise coverage.

Hopefully...a Taylor/McFadden combo will allow us to see less tackles after competions....and more break-ups/interceptions before completions!!

Lets leave it to the Safeties to missile in on the WR's after the catch and get the CB's back to what they should be doing....Run Support and Pass Defense!!!
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