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Default Re: Big Ben champions no-huddle schemes

I'm all for giving Ben a larger role on offense. We have to find out if this guy is worth resigning to a monster deal and to see if he can really become a legit franchise QB....I'm glad Bruce Ariens isn't going to baby Big Ben like Cowher did. As for Ben taking shots at Bill Cowher...I could careless just as long as Ben can back it up on the field. Then it will prove Ben was right and Bill Cowher was just a stubborn SOB. Which Bill Cowher was alot of times in his career. Remember Steeler Nation Bill Cowher was a great 2-4 in AFC Title games which 5 of those games were in Pittsburgh. So yes I liked Bill Cowher overall but I will always have this thought in the back of my mind that we should have had at least 1 or 2 more Super Bowl wins in the Cowher era. True the players play the game and its their fault as well but coaching has to take part of the blame also....So I hope Ben throws for 30 TDs this year and sticks it to Coach Cowher...

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