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Default Re: Big Ben champions no-huddle schemes

Originally Posted by drew102e View Post
*puts on flame-resistant vest*
lol, I hear ya.

As for your other comments, I agree and I'm not exactly comfortable with the idea but we will never know until we take off "Big" Ben's training wheels. He's asking for it and since Cowher, Whisenhunt and the beer man apparently held him back during his 24 INT season let the kid have it and see what he cand do.

If it doesn't work out I'm sure he (among certain others in the Steeler "fan" base) have the excuses lined up for him with "Tomlin put too much responsibility on Ben." being the most common.

Eitherway, here's to hoping all goes well and he proves to the Steeler faithful that he is capable of taking the next step, at least on the football field.

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