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Default Re: dan rooney on bill cowher

I would love to see Cowher go to Cleveland, that way we could beat the snot out of him year in and year out.

I think Cowher was a very good coach for us, but great?? I don't think so. I think he showed great promise taking the team to the SB in his 3rd season, but in the end he was just like Marty his mentor. I know there is alot of love for Cowher but really one SB win in 15 years and losing 2 AFC championship games at home is inexcusable.

There are many who doubt coach Tomlin, I do not. I would love to see Cowher in Cleveland just to prove to the doubters who the better coach is, which I believe will be Tomlin.

Before everyone gets all crazy defending Cowher, ask yourself do you expect to win more than 1 SB in 15 years no matter who the coach is? I do! If that doesn't work try to remember how you felt after those two loses to the Pats! 'F**king Cowher that choker' never crossed your mind or came out of your mouth.

Come home to Cleveland Bill, we're all waiting!!!
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