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Default Re: Economy robust, middle class income dropping?

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
'76, I am pretty much rank and file. One of my fraternity brothers works for a local bank and makes $10,000,000 plus per year. Do I think he earns it, yes, he is brilliant!!! Could I ever do his job, no. Point being, anyone (like me) can do appropriate data entry out of 40 applicants. The CEO's, CFO's, Presidents, are like the rudder on a huge corporate ship, directing them to failure or success. Even at apparent "high" rates, brilliant people, like my frat bro, are often worth their pay. That is why they are paid the bucks. Capitalism. God Bless America!!!!
Of course under the heads I win, tails you lose model of executive compensation in modern American capitalism, top execs make out whether or not the stock price tanks (stock option backdating) and win Powerball even if they steer the ship onto the rocks (Bob Nardelli at Home Depot). Hard to see how the capitalistic creed of rewarding success and punishing failure supports those outcomes.
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