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Default Re: dan rooney on bill cowher

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Seeing as there are 32 teams, winning one SB every 15 years works out to twice as many as arguably should be expected, especially for a small market team that cannot spend its way out of personnel mistakes.

If Tomlin was told today he would have Cowher's record over the next 15 years I bet he would take it in a heartbeat.

P.S. - he lost 4 home AFC championship games, but I admit 2 would have been bad enough.
Your absolutely right Atlanta Dan. But considering I grew up as a child with the Steelers winning 4 SBs in the '70s and add to that we had a great oppurtunity to win 5 more in the 15 years under Cowher, I think we all expect more.

I also agree that coach Tomlin would love to have Cowhers overall record for 15 years. I would have to say though that even with our limited experience with coach Tomlin, he would be quick to say that 4 AFCCG losses (especially at home) is unexceptable. Let me ask this question. If coach Tomlin were to lose his job after his contract is up and the Rooneys wanted to hire Marty Shottenhiemer, how would you feel??

P.S. Seeing as I am from Mass. the 2 AFCCG against the Pats sting the most. We should have easily beaten S.D. (I remember that, '93 season right?). I can't remember the 4th for the life of me.
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