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Default Re: dan rooney on bill cowher

Originally Posted by DACEB View Post
P.S. Seeing as I am from Mass. the 2 AFCCG against the Pats sting the most. We should have easily beaten S.D. (I remember that, '93 season right?). I can't remember the 4th for the life of me.
The fourth loss was Denver (24-21). I recall 2 specific incidents in that game that can be tied to coaching - having Kordell throw up an end zone INT when the Steelers were pounding the ball late in the 2nd Q and then not running out the clock and giving Elway the ball back for another score to end the first half. That flipped a 4 point lead to a 10 point deficit.

The difference between Cowher and Marty is that Marty usually flames out in the first round.
I agree a 1-4 record in home AFC championship games is unacceptable, but when the QBs were O'Donnell, Kordell, and a rookie Ben in those losses the question becomes how much of those losses are attributed to being outcoached and how much to not having a top shelf QB. Noll was a lot more successful coach when he had Bradshaw, Shanahan was more successful when he had Elway, and Belichick has done a lot better with Brady rather than Testaverde under center.
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