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Default Re: Ohio State's problems...

One thing about OSU, they never get beat. They always shoot themselves in the foot. I'm friends with a couple OSU fans up here and they are the same way.

No, I wouldn't expect OSU players to say they were dominated. I'd never want to hear my team say that. Fact is, both D's are tough. If you look at last years game, PSU wasn't dominated. OSU scored 21 points but I believe 2 TD's were setup by turnover and special teams. Only 1 TD was a long drive. We didn't turn the ball over this year which made the difference.

I'd like a tape of the game with some more overhead shots. The overhead shots I saw on TV didn't show a lot of open guys. I saw safetys moving up over the middle and tempting OSU to throw deep down the sideline which they couldn't do.

One thing nobody mentions is the PSU offense. it went into hibernation the 2nd half. And it wasn't because of the OSU D. We quit throwing the ball and kept running right into the teeth of the OSU D. We could have scored more (or at least tried) but moved into the mode of "not making mistakes" instead of attacking.

Whatever, game over...we won.

OSU's refusal to use Ginn does blow my mind. A guy that good needs more touches.

I think the season is going to show that Smith is a pretty good QB. I really just think he ran into a good, experienced D that threw him off. I expect him to have a big game this weekend and predict OSU is going to kill MSU.

Suit, I also don't agree with swithing QB's. I hated it when PSU was doing it. QB is a leader and I think you need to pick one and stick with it. I really think it cost you guys a national championship during the Jackson/Germaine years.
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