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Default Re: How talented are the Steelers?

Like Preach said we were only ONE WIN from making the playoffs with a QB that had health problems all year and a head coach that really didn't care as much as he had before. This team has talent and even though they have question marks, every team does. If Ben can stay healthy, the offense will be better as that was evident in the last 8 games. Tomlin is a coach who is determined to make the playoffs this year. He and Ben won't let this team fail.

Jeez we don't make the playoffs for one freakin year and no one believes anymore. Its May, we should be believing. Even the Browns are believing!
I don't think that is what is actually being argued. From my vantage point, there are 4 points which make people worried.

1. New coach and staff. This constitutes a major change in an organization. Sometimes, the team that see these changes comes out tremendously better. However, the Steelers are a team that built with a specific scheme in mind. The question is, can that team handle a different head coach and offensive scheme? it is not as much about talent as it is about how the talent works together within a specific scheme.

2. Joey Porter. There are those who think Porter was the heart and soul... and the engine of the defense. To those, the loss of Porter signifies the loss of the drive that made our defense what it was over the last 14 years. Yeah, I know, Porter didn't play for the last 14 years. However, One can traces a lineage from Kevin Greene/Lloyd through Gildon to Porter. That is a lineage of Steeler linebacker football. Now, who will carry that lineage on? Foote? The worry is that we have lost that lineage, and what it holds.

3. OL (and Faneca). Last year the OL was a worry. Now with the Faneca situation, it is even more of a worry. Will they be able to gel? Can Kemo and Willie Colon hold down the fort? Will we have to rely on the turnstyle system of blocking (where the DL uses our OL as turnstyles)? These worries make some wonder if the addition of the Faneca situation will cause even more problems.

4. The rest of the league. It seems that the Ravens and the Bengals are still building. They are both able to put together playoff run seasons. The Browns have also put together a good draft, and may become increasingly tough to play.

These four reasons make some worry if we are able to really compete this year. I say yes. BUt some, and for understandable reasons, say no.

However, i STILL THINK that we are headed deep into the playoffs.
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