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Default Re: Congratulations, Penn State

Originally Posted by sisitki
You know Hammer, I was starting to question JoePa myself but I'm not a bandwagon fan. Obviously the story of Williams coming to State because of Paterno changed my mind a little. I'm glad to see he's starting freshman this year and that he has picked a RB. I was growing sick of PSU running a tandem (except LJ's year) at RB. My reason I criticized Paterno was the lack of talent we've had the past few years. Seems like he was getting killed in recruiting.

Obviously something has changed. Maybe the D or the freshman have affected the attitude of the whole team.

And I have to say it, Chico sucks. I hate reading his crap.

I kind of like Chico...what makes you say that? He has some insights into the team that I hadn't considered before...

The thing with JoePa was that just because he had a bad year or two, it isn't like all of a sudden he forgot everything. Was I frustrated that he wouldn't start freshmen at skill positions? SOmetimes. But Joe has always been traditional. That's what makes Joe...well...Joe. I love the fact that he emphasizes scholastics over football (unlike some coaches out there...ahem, bowden...). He's turned down pro jobs with the Patriots and the Steelers to stay at PSU. He's donated millions to the school. He has a wing of the Library named after him. He has energy and spunk, that's never left. As he said himself, they were only a few players and plays away from having winning seasons the past few years. Ah?but what do people know?wins cure all things?

People were saying he was out of touch in the 70's for Pete's sake. Any time he loses from here on out, he will be criticized that way, regardless if it's true or not.

Who would you rather have...Walt Harris in his 40's or Joe Paterno in his late 70's?

I know who i would take...

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