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Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
The more I think about last years season, the more I realize we were a dropped ball here, broken play there from having a 10-6 or 11-5 season.

With all of that, we were STILL only 1 game out of the playoffs. If we beat the Raiders, we would have made it. Had we not let the Atlanta game get out of hand, we would have made it.

Those type of mistakes come from not being focused. I think that problem is pretty much taken care of. Cowher was always focused on winning the SB. When he won it, I am not sure he knew how to react. The drive that kept this team going since that awful 2003 season disappeared because they DID redeem themselves from that season with a SB win.

Now, we have a coach with that drive again. We only lost Joey (players of importance) from last years team.

Hence, I believe that we are a playoff bound team, deep in the playoffs. SB? Honestly, doubtful. But I also doubt we are a one and done team talent-wise this year.
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