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Default Re: Big Ben pleased with Steelers receivers

Originally Posted by Smashmouth225 View Post
For sure Cedric i can live w/Nate at least on more year but Ced's getting a grip and is probably 4th on our depth chart. This is a make or break seaon for Nate but i think he will get it together this year. Wilson won't catch anything in traffic. Ever peeped him after he drops the ball. Dude is hillarious with that whining he does.
I'm willing to give Washington a shot this season, but that doesn't mean I'm "comfortable" with that group going into this season. Cedrick Wilson was the same guy complaining that he didn't get the ball enough back in 05, I wonder why? I hate to say it, but I feel they are soft. It seems Nate Washington caught a dose of the Cedrick Wilson syndrome... Catch one, drop the next two. Both completely lack consistency and that doesn't equal out to a 'good' WR core in my opinion. Hopefully Nate steps up this season (I was expecting it last season and had very high hopes for him) and stops taking advice from Cedrick Wilson.

"I feel like they've been underutilized in the past," Roethlisberger said Tuesday after a voluntary workout at the Steelers' South Side facility.
Yep, damn ex-coaching staff again huh Ben? What is that, #4?, #5?

"I think every receiver we have has Pro Bowl talent and potential,"
While I do not expect the kid to bash his WR core when asked by the media what he thinks of them, he can't actually believe this? Unless these are just signs of mild brain damage from the accident?

"including the tight ends."
We better, it's not exactly fun drafting TE's early in the draft and then not incorporating them into our offensive schemes. Also, if Ben plans on taking on more responsibility I hope to all hell he has every weapon out there as an option.
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