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Default Re: You are the Steelers GM.....

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
You basically answered your own question for me.

If I put the most obvious answer, which also happens to be the most favorable answer, as an option everyone would have voted for it - therefore negating the need for a poll in the first place.

So we would have learnt that everyone loves Ben and Troy more than Hines and Faneca - I dont think anybody would be fainting with surprise at those findings, right?

I look forward to your forthcoming poll based upon the question : 'Do we want to win the Superbowl this year?'....dont forget to include the most realistic answer

If you want to go with the most obvious/favorable/popular answer then I will take option "D", the Steelers will keep all four, Ben, Troy, Hines, and Alan; plus they would have found some way to keep Porter; and to top it off they will win the Super Bowl from now until eternity! I beleive if that was an option, it would have received 100% of the vote.

All I am saying is your poll is flawed because the Steelers do not have to choose between Ben/Hines, or Troy/Alan. They have to choose between Ben, Troy, and Alan (most likely being able to keep two out of the three); and in a year or two, decide whether or not Hines is still worth his contract.
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