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Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
That distance will get wider this year as Staley is worth a $3.8million cap hit this year and a $3.1million cap hit next year - with absolutely no production for it.
did the patriots unofficial capologist provide you with those numbers or was it PFT? perhaps your just having some more offseason fun by spreading steeler "doom and gloom" and just making stuff up. since i have already corrected you on the above figures i would guess its the latter.

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Duce Staley

2007 - $3.9million
2008 - $3.2million

What are the Steeler nations thoughts on these numbers?
so is it 3.1 or 3.2? doesnt matter cause theyre both wrong. duce was fired and his signing bonus will be off the books in 08. as previously quoted:

On or around December 4, 2006, Staley was cut. This resulted in dead money. Since he is a veteran with who was on the opening day roster, his base salary is guaranteed and counts in full. In addition, his prorated signing bonus for 2006 ($1,171,250) will count on the 2006 salary cap. The remainder of his prorated signing bonus ($2,342,500 – dead money) counts towards the 2007 salary cap. His cap value for 2006 remains the same ($2,671,250).
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