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Default Re: Congratulations, Penn State

Originally Posted by Suitanim
Again, I'm trying to be sensitive to how good PSU's defense is, but with Holmes and Ginn out there, OSU should be throwing up at least 20-24 points against even the best defenses. I just don't think Smith is seeing the whole field, and he's missing open receivers. I don't know that Zwick is the answer, but I'm not sure I understand Tessel's philosophy. Obviously, Smith was not getting the job done, why not brink in Zwick off the bench and see if he couldn't spark the Offense?
Suit, did you like the outcome of the texas game? Thought not , neither did I. How in the world are you going to build consistansy if you do the Jackson-Germaine thing all year.
Leave them alone and they'll be fine. Continuity and leadership are what's important for this position and unfortunately the continuity is still lacking but every player I've heard interviewed so far has said they want to follow Smith because fo the fire they see in him and the type of leader he is.
IMO it would be INSANE to keep switching out, ridiculous as a matter of fact.
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