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Default Re: Steelers' McFadden waiting in the wings

Originally Posted by SteelerWatch View Post
I've been waiting for McFadden from the start. Townsend is smart, but the average wideout today can burn him easily. He's okay covering a team's #2 or #3, but if he has to line up over a #1 he's toast. B-Mac has all the tools and he's a great hitter, too. He's a great compliment to Ike. Townsend would make an excellent nickel back because they generally cover more of the underneath stuff and clog up the middle of the field.
I agree. I think McFadden will start and Townsend will be a great nickel back. He's a pretty good hitter and has had some memorable sacks over the years. He's also got great football smarts and I think he could be a DB coach after retirement.

This is definitely an area where I completely trust Tomlin.
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