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Default Re: Steelers take look at Colon with first team at right tackle

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
this may not mean starks days are numbered as a steeler. i just heard on sirius radio commercial break news update that the coaches are taking a look at starks playing left tackle but "he doesnt expect a position change". maybe a little message is being sent to marvel smith to keep his asking price down if and when contract negotiations begin. it never hurts to know what you got, explore all options, and keep an eye towards the future.

I hope you are right that the discussion of moving starks to left tackle is just a message to Smith. Starks on the left is even scarier. How many look out blocks woulf he throw on Ben's blind side? Smith didn't have a good season either, but at least he has proven to be a capable and dependable tackle in the past. Something Max has yet to proove he is capable of. Also, remember the difference in the play of the line in 2005 from when Smith was hurt to when he returnedto the line-up.
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