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Default Re: Steelers' McFadden waiting in the wings

Originally Posted by onthebus36 View Post
He's also got great football smarts and I think he could be a DB coach after retirement.
Funny you'd mention that, I was thinking the same thing when I wrote that post. He's the kind of brain you want to keep in the game long after he retires, much the same way we did with Darren Perry and has been done with our new QB coach Ken Anderson. There are players who are humble motivators, there are players who are very good at their position, and there are players who are intelligent above and beyond the requirements of the game. When you find one who has all three, you make him a position coach. Troy is the same way and I would be surprised if he doesn't end up as a position coach when he retires (which will be in about 35 years, right? )
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