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Default Re: AFTER THE FALL: Wiser Roethlisberger looks to return to form in 2007

Sometimes a wake-up call is necessary. I think we've seen a lot of growth in Ben this off-season. To think of what he was as an "inexperienced kid" -- and even at just 27, I can call him a kid -- it's almost frightening to think of what he can be so long as he doesn't backslide into the childishness he exhibited off the field -- and, at times, on the field -- in his first three seasons. The accident was the wake-up call, and he's now had a chance to claw his way off the rocks and take a long, hard look at what happened. I think the coaching change will benefit Ben more than anyone, and I think we'll see the same skills we saw in his first two seasons, but now with the decision-making abilities of a seasoned vet. And some people -- myself included -- just don't do well in positions in which we are forced to follow. For Ben, I think additional responsibility will be an infinitely larger help than a hinderance, and I predict a level of QB play that Pittsburgh has never seen before. Above and beyond the best seasons of Bradshaw, O'Donnell and even Roethlisberger himself. Heck, you can throw in the best seasons of guys like Marino and Unitas. This season will simply be the best display of quaterbacking we've ever seen.
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