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Default Re: Congratulations, Penn State

The Stanley Jackson/Joe Germaine thing was entirely different than what I was suggesting. That was Cooper, and he played Jackson because he was a senior, that was why they alternated. It should also be noted the end result of the Germaine/Jackson thing was not all that bad. We lost 1 game that year to MSU that we would have won if Cooper would have thrown a pass or two during the last drive. Germaine came off the bench to lead a game winning drive against Jake Plummer's ASU team and we ended up #2 and probably would have annihilated Tennessee for the National Championship had we not lost that stupid Spartans game.

Tressel (supposedly) alternated Smith/Zwick in the Texans game because Smith was so rusty, so I guess that's at least a viable excuse. I'm in no way shape or form suggesting a "regime change", but when you are playing at a high level, there is nothing wrong with temporarily pulling your starter to try and spark the see it all the time in College and pro ball.

Everything I'm hearing from the players is positive now...a lot of them were saying they were just under too much pressure, and now they can just relax and play football...maybe they are right?

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