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Default Re: The Republicans have sold out America.

What kills me is that people look directly at the President for the things that are happening in this country or better yet for some of the things that aren't happening in this country. As much as the President is in the forefront, I honestly believe that, some people do not hold Congress accountable for the bills & laws that are passed. And all along they just want to blame the President.

Yes, I believe that the President does hold a lot of responsibility but so does congress and everyone wants to seem to give them a free pass. I agree with what was stated earlier that this country needs a leader to take hold of the reigns that have fallen and lead this country as a super power.

Here is the truth: America has never deported millions of people, and America will never deport millions of people. It's not what we do. It's not who we are. It's not who we want to be. The American people would never accept evening news pictures of sobbing immigrants being torn from their homes and put on a bus. We wouldn't accept it because we have hearts, and as much as we try to see history in the abstract, we know history comes down to the particular, to the sobbing child in the bus. We don't round up and remove. Nor should we, tomorrow, on one of our whims, grant full legal status and a Cadillac car. We take it a day at a time. We wait and see what's happening. We do the small discrete things a nation can do to make the overall situation better. For instance: "You commit a violent crime? You are so out of here." And, "Here, let me help you learn English."
Honestly, I wouldn't shed a tear if thousands of illegal immigrants were put on a bus, plane, train, or some other mode of transportation and shipped back to their home land. I have no problem with legal immigrants, because let's face it, somewhere in our family line most of us were immigrants at one time or another. However, when illegal immigrants are getting better care than my own family and they have a chance to receive better services and benefits and perks than my own - then I have a problem (but that also goes back to the government's actions or lack there of).

I have my own answers as to solving the immigration problem but I'm sure they wouldn't be popular with many of those who sign off on the legalization of such actions. It doesn't involve any haneous (sp) acts but it does hold people accountable.

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