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Default Re: This Week in the AFC North

I'm just gonna copy a quote from the Great Zomboni's last post and reword it a tad...

The Browns and Ravens aren't as bad as they are being perceived.

The Bungles and Stillers aren't as good as their fans think they are.
Just put Steelers Backups in for "Browns and Ravens" and put in "The Great Zomboni's predictions" for "The Bungles and Stillers

First Prediction on here, you said that the Ravens were a losing club, but they would take the Jets, who were in the playoffs last year. True, they did win, so you stuck by your Ravens again and said they would take the Lions. If only penalties were points... Now you're saying that you've been telling everyone that Brian Billick is a fool for years; Well, you haven't been on here for years, Great Parcheesi, so I'm not buying it.

Then last week you said how the Chargers were gonna punish our "Big Gay Stiff" of a quarterback. Funny how he completed over 60% of his passes for 225 yards and a TD, but also Big Ben, with his "Herman Munster" like agility managed to run one in against the Chargers No. 1 Run Stopping defense. Now Byron Leftwich and the Jags are supposedly gonna shut us down like the Chargers were supposed to. Now our apparently fat and old running back Jerome, who only weighs 15 pounds more than the Jags QB, is gonna pass out and our back up QB, who took us to the playoffs, is gonna fail. Well, Great Linguini, I'm sorry if I find your predictions to be laughably wrong, and I think you should keep your predictions to Ohio only.

P.S. Maybe theres a Birthday Party of one of those kids you always get your Bengals jokes from, and you can work there.

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