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Default Re: Steelers' offensive line could get face-lift

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
actually marvell smith is our LT and 08 season is his last year in his contract. he currently has the largest cap charge on the team and the steelers need to decide if they are gonna extend him after this season. its possible (although i think unlikely) that the entire 5 is re-tooled.

aaron smith is the de we just extended.

i dont think the steelers ever used a zone scheme under cowher. backs like zeroue and parker were expected to fit in to "jeromes" scheme. our guards and centers have always been great at pulling and blocking. of course bettis took a few steps to get up to a linemans pace so he had the "patience". its a little different for willie. like thay say "you cant teach speed". its pretty difficult to teach slow, too.
I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say Tony, but diverge slightly on one point.
While it is very true that Willie does not have the experience or patience of Jerome, he has come a long way this past year, even without the Beloved Bus there to mentor. He has mimicked Jerome's style quit a bit. Even down to some of Jerome's endzone antics (which cracks me up every time I see it).

It may not be a SB year. And I do love The Chin. But occasionally change is the best medicine. I think (and hope) our O-line will coalesce into a formidable force over a very short time. I also believe that we are doing a good thing by checking the fit of all of our parts. Looking for the potential for backups at multiple positions.

Who knows, before long we could possibly have the Offensive version of the much vaunted "Steel Curtain."

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