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Default Re: Steelers' offensive line could get face-lift

While it is very true that Willie does not have the experience or patience of Jerome, he has come a long way this past year, even without the Beloved Bus there to mentor. He has mimicked Jerome's style quit a bit. Even down to some of Jerome's endzone antics (which cracks me up every time I see it).
i agree, at times he looked like a flashy mini-bus

he always kept his legs churning just like the bus , even when he was stacked up. often times the linemen created a hole, but in the past jerome had the power to bust through 2 linebackers who were there to fill the hole. willie is powerful, but hast to rely more on trying to juke the lb's while in a "phonebooth" so to speak.

im glad the broncos disnt snatch him up as a free agent. if they did, i think their fans would be calling him terrell davis's clone by now.
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