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Default Re: Steelers' offensive line could get face-lift

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
We have traditionally ran a "Man" blocking scheme...and with the AFC North rivals all having or partially going to mammoth DE's and NT's ,we probably won't deviate from that. The problem is that Man-blocking demands a center who is agile enough to get into the second tier when blocking 4-3...but strong enough to take on behemoths on a regular basis when blocking 3-4. I am not sure if we have that guy on the roster.

Not just the other AFC North teams, but a lot of other the AFC teams seem to be stocking up on those huge DE's and NT's. Jacksonville and San Diego are two other teams we seem to have trouble blocking in recent years. It all starts with the center. I was always a Hartings fan. Still, Hartings struggled mightily against San Diego recently (I actually felt bad for him last year … trying to block a massive NT who was 10 years his junior and much stronger than him, all while having no cartridge in his knees - ouch).

Hopefully we can find the answer in the new center and revamped O’line -- or it’s not going to matter who is calling the blocking schemes.

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