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Default Re: Steelers' offensive line could get face-lift

Originally Posted by wedosesteelers2006 View Post
I dont think the Oline blocks the same for Willie as they did Jerome, not at all. Like was already said, it took the Bus to get in gear and to offensive line, with Willie in there, they better be moving or he is gonna be 10 yards down the field already or taken 5 yard loss. I like the fact that Steelers coaches are having an open competition for the C position and the whole right side is open. I think that it is time for someone else other than Starks at RT. I think that if Okobi is not the starter at C , then either he needs to take a major paycut or be released. He has been here too long and making too much money to be sitting on the bench.
There are some smaller nuances that the line had to do for Parker vs blocking for Bettis....but overall with Man-Blocking it is the RB who has to change his style a bit...That was what Parker was talking about last year in an interview when he was saying that Bettis taught him how to wait for the blocks to develop. Most times you wont ask for the line to block faster...thats a recipe for disaster...Its alot easier to have Willie (or any back for that matter) be patient for his blocks and then hit the turbo when he gets through the second tier.

Couldnt agree with you more about Starks... I think Colon is an upgrade NOW ...If I had to set my line today...I would have Mahan at center (Okobi has never impressed me either..strictly a wave player)..Colon at RT...and I am split between Simmon's experience and Kimo's potential/strength ....I would probably give the nod to Simmons with Kimo getting considerable playing time so as to be ready next year
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