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Default Re: Another Terrorist Plot Thwarted (JFK)

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
Apparently this dope is the Paris Hilton of terrorists.

My sister lives in Jersey, personally I really don't care how smart or dumb these scumbags happen to be, it's better that they nipped this in the butt rather than hearing the news report that there are extensive civilian casualties after a terrorist attack. If they followed through with this plot and it succeeded we would have people complaining that our homeland security is not doing it's job (rightfully so).

Keep up the good work guys.
as you know i work on an air force base. its in the middle of nowhere with el paso being the biggest city 100 miles away, and one time i was talking to a Col. (who happened to be a stealth pilot) and out of curiosity i asked him how the base gets all its jet fuel. i said "you never see tankers bringing it in".

he replied "thats a good question".

point is, it seems that it would be so much easier to trip up these terrorists once the plan is beginning to be executed. the fact that the fbi and HS is tapped into the talk and planning (that you would think is the safest and most secretive), phase is definitely reassuring. while they may have been retarded enough to be tripped up you cant underestimate their abilities to recognize and find a target in the 1st place. where theres a will, theres a way.
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