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Default Re: Parker doesn't mind sharing the load

He was pretty much the only bright spot on offense last year, but I think too much was asked of him. He had some ridiculousl games but when he couldn't get it going, there was really no one behind him to change things up.

Something I am worried about is parkers ability vs. the top notch defenses. He's really good at shredding through teams like Cincy and NO for 150 yards an a TD or two, but against b-more, jax, SD ... just couldnt grind it out.

I think we need another back that can grind out the tough yards. I'm happy we brought in barlow and davenport for a powerback roll, but i don't think either is the real answer. And i'm verrrrrrrrrrry happy we didn't draft an RB. Next year's draft is going to be loaded with good backs. Davis from Clemson, or Ore from VT please.
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