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Default Re: AFTER THE FALL: Wiser Roethlisberger looks to return to form in 2007

Originally Posted by Smashmouth225 View Post
I think Big Ben will tear the league up this tear. I'm not looking for 4000-5000 passing yards but @ least 3500 and 28 tds and 14 int. Excuses are like ***holes and everyone has one so i'm going to say the accident and the emergency surgery did play a part in Ben's struggles. That is not the only reason though; O-line sucked big time and i'm going to put that on both the coaches and the players. It's obvious after XL these dudes(O-line) forgot they had a title to defend. Isn't it the coaches reponsibility to get these guys ready. This is the same group that during the SB run played lights out. I don't recall @ anytime during this run Big Ben getting crushed like he did. The line has always a strenght and one of the best in the NFL to fall like it did was sad to watch. Jeff Hartings was the weak link on the line believe that. Watch tape against Jacksonville, San Diego or even Oakland and watch how the middle was getting blown up. I'm not worried about Big Ben but the big guys up front has got to handle there business. It's no reason they shouldn't get it done they have done it before.
Great post, yeah Hartings seemed weak at times, but also good at other times. I'm not looking for Ben to have great stats, just for him to win and stay healthy.
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