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Default Re: Economy robust, middle class income dropping?

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
AMEN Larry!

I moved to Detroit to work at Ford. Let me tell you what is killing the automotive industry. A guy on the line in a factory zipping two rivets into sheet metal all day long whining about making only $25 an hour and that he might lose his post retirement health care supplied by the company!!!! What a crock of shit!

If any area should know about the labor crisis and Union pay it is Pittsburgh. That is why the city was a decaying pit for 20+ years after all the mills closed.

These Union laborers are the same folks who have a summer home up north, boats, multiple cars nice homes, etc. For doing a repetitive job that a machine could do.

I am not saying I am any better (I work in IT) but I am not complaining, and I don't need a union.

The Unions were valuable earlier in the 20th century. Now, that all the labor laws they wanted were passed, they are unnecessary.

The same is happening in Detroit.

The day you eliminate Unions is the same day that politicians start making plans to roll back those labor laws the unions fought so hard for.
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