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Default Re: The Republicans have sold out America.

Here is the truth: America has never deported millions of people, and America will never deport millions of people. It's not what we do. It's not who we are. It's not who we want to be. The American people would never accept evening news pictures of sobbing immigrants being torn from their homes and put on a bus. We wouldn't accept it because we have hearts, and as much as we try to see history in the abstract, we know history comes down to the particular, to the sobbing child in the bus. We don't round up and remove. Nor should we, tomorrow, on one of our whims, grant full legal status and a Cadillac car. We take it a day at a time. We wait and see what's happening. We do the small discrete things a nation can do to make the overall situation better. For instance: "You commit a violent crime? You are so out of here." And, "Here, let me help you learn English."
Wait a second. What people like me want to do is send them back to their homes. This idea of America as their homes is as ridiculous as a criminal calling his jail cell home. I couldn't care less if they're sobbing. There are laws and these people broke them. Allowing them to stay here is akin to going to bank robber and telling him that not only is he released from prison, but we're going to return to him all the money he stole.

There is a place for immigration in America. This country is here because of immigrants. My own family comes from Germany and Lithuania. I know their history. But they came to this country as legal immigrants. As someone who's never had anything more than a parking ticket, it's hard for me to sympathize with people who are openly breaking the law. Besides, this bill assumes that most of the people here want to actually be citizens. This is simply untrue. Do you know why people marched in LA with Mexican flags? Because they don't want to stop being Mexicans. All they want is to come here and work. No citizenship, just jobs. Until we can deal with that reality, we'll never be able to deal with the immigration problem.
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