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Default Re: Steelers putting in the time on special teams

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
my 1st thought upon reading that is he may be writing his ticket out of town. but he has been a steeler (and a contributor on the forgotten special teams) long enough, that perhaps he may just be getting used to actually having to practice.

now ive never been to a training camp, but looking at ryan clarks words i get the impression that camp was alot of "dog and pony show" with flash and pizazz for the fans.

i could be wrong but those who have gone can maybe chime in.

im a little dissapointed to think cowher wouldnt even give the special teams coach the time, or even the leash to coach his unit. but then i was disappointed they didnt even bother having a qb coach until 2001 (i wonder how kordell woulda actually turned out if he were properly coached all all those years he went w/o one.

and jeff reed sounding giddy because the new regime provided him with a practice tool that cowher never found necessary is a bit disappointing too.

i mean was it cowher just making all these strange decisions or were the rooneys putting the pressure on him to limit spending? i do know with the money saved by going with tomlin, instead of cowher, theres plenty of money left over to buy kicker's practice uprights, 2 special teams coaches, better food in the cafeteria, and all that other stuff we may not know about.
I was at Steelers training camp back in 2001 (only time I have made for training camp)....So I'm no expert on how Steelers training camp was run under Bill Cowher.....But it seems you're right in your point that Cowher had the Steelers practice to put on a show for the fans in attendance. Which is good in all for the fans that attend...But I rather have a HC have practices in place that might be boring for the fans but will make the overall team better....I just think Mike Tomlin's attention to detail and fundamentals is going to do the Steelers wonders.....

As for the money aspect...I have no idea of the Rooney's were limiting Cowher's spending...But after reading that article it could be that Bill Cowher just felt that his kickers didn't need practice Which to me doeesn't make sense....

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