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Default Re: AFTER THE FALL: Wiser Roethlisberger looks to return to form in 2007

Originally Posted by steelcity58 View Post
Cowher was/is one of the best coaches to ever walk a sideline.
True, but his track record when it counted wasn't all that great. Not to knock him, because I loved the guy as our HC, but he had a tendency to go soft when it was all on the line in the playoffs.

Ben has the tools both physically and is instinctive...not smart...but instinctive in the pocket, and one of the best QB's the Steelers have ever had..if not for TB.
Ben is actually very intelligent, just not too mature at times. He ran out of a no-huddle offense in college, which puts the majority of the decision-making squarely on the shoulders of the QB -- and he did it exceptionally well, especially for a small school.

I'm unsure about this Tomlin guy and his laid back approach.
Quiet and Nurturing != Laid Back. Teddy Roosevelt once said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." In other words, the best way to get a point across to someone is to say it in a way they will understand and not be turned off by, but to say it firmly nonetheless. Tomlin learned this from Tony Dungy -- who learned it from Chuck Noll. Chuck had a very easily ignited fiery side, but he was also much the same as Tomlin.
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