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Default Pictures from Reading W2 Days

This is the first year I've been back since '01; it's still as great as ever.


The guys from Band of Brothers; Guth, Malarkey, and Compton. No picture.

The Catalina PBY-5; what an astonishingly beautiful aircraft.

The Yak-9. This was a re-manufacture, a recent build, and the pilot flew it as such; that sucker was going balls-out. I couldn't catch a picture of it, it was moving so fast.

The Abbot and Costello impersonators. They were great!

The Tiger tank. See the stucco on the sides? That is stucco, and it is textured; it was to prevent magnetic mines from sticking to the hull! This is one of three built for the movie Saving Private Ryan it is a real, working tank, but it is built on a Russian T-34 hull.

And, of course, the nurses.

Here's a link to the other 130 or so pictures; lots of planes, dozens of bikes, lots of equipment. Great stuff.

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