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Default Re: Violent Crime in Pittsburgh up 2.6%

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
I still say Pittsburgh is a safe and liveable city. But something has to be done about the return of the gangs and the rise in violent crime. I just don't know what.
We implemented a "Pro-Active Task Force" in our twin cities...Made up of bothof our cities officers and the county deputies....Their sole purpose was to be visible and to actually approach and talk to gang members on a regualr basis....we know what cars they drive...what neighborhoods they are from...who they hang out with..and what "circuit" they follow so that we can keep in touch with neighboring cities.

Our crime rate dropped significantly...and the "thugs" tend to go to another city in their circuit to avoid police contact...(Harder to be a thug when you KNOW that the Po-Po KNOW you... are know what your M.O. is ..)....they also tend to not "hang out" very much...because they know Officer Friendly will be making small talk with any one in the neighborhood who is out and about in the name of "community policing"
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