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Default Re: State of the [Steeler] D

Originally Posted by ChronoCross View Post
Nice Read Tony.

uh, thanks chronocross

Wow...thats an SI story?....seems like waaaaaay to much research to belong to SI!!!!....Very nice, and very informative.
i know, huh? it almost seems like mike tomlin coulda been the author. seriously, read his article on the offense. it touches on alot that pertains to this new direction the steelers are going in.

it really seems like this author and tomlin have their finger on the pulse of the nfl (pat kirwan has touched on many of these topics also). of course being able to see where thigs are heading is one big key of saying ahead of the curve.

im skeptical about the timmons pick (in a 3-4) but what tapes are opponents gonna study to prepare if we throw out a tampa 2 coverage in the middle of a drive? what if we develop a zone blitz from a tampa 2 formation? our offense will be prepared for both schemes and will regularly practice against the schemes 50% of all the nfl is using.

what he wrote about pounding the rock on a tampa cover 2 team was perfectly seen when the steelers shoved it down the bears throat. we may have smaller quick players like timmons but i dont thinke we will ever fully switch to a dungy-2. in fact, since its a copy cat league i think many teams will try to get enough players to make this hybrid thing the new thing. how cool will it be to have a new defense named after tomlin that the patriots started and the ravens are trying to perfect?
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