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Default Re: I like what I see.

Originally Posted by SteelersWyo View Post
Just eating a little crow. If Holmes can step up and the kid from Florida (name escapes me) works out, our passing game could take a step up. Add the TEs and match ups could go our way on offense.

i think there are more questions this year then we have had about the steelers in a long time. there is a lot of talent here, but a lot of new faces among the coaches. w/ tomlins promise to turn the offense over to ben, (and that means more no huddle), we will be seeing new things from the steelers. Holmes NEEDS to step up. i know we have other weapons, but you need more than one receiver and a TE to throw to! this year will pivot, i believe, on ben's poise and the ability for the receivers to make plays. of course, less turnovers would help too, lol.
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