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Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
However, personally, I gotta put Led Zeppelin above both, Elvis took from the popular black music and the Beatles almost perfected an already known type.

Zepplin took blues and classical, and created what has evolved into modern day hard rock and metal. Heck, they did some things that were 20 to 30 years ahead of thier time.

Though in honesty, all three are absolute top. I can only think of one or two others (in thier own respective genres) that could be put with these...

Glen Miller band (Big band\swing)
Metallica (First fusion of rockmetal\punk)

Individually, I would have to also put B.B. King in there, but he falls in the same category as the Beatles, almost perfecting an already known type.

What is interesting, is every band or person listed above has survived a major shift in the music culture and stayed above ground... though for Elvis, some could argue that it was shaky.
Preach on!

Led Zepplin was by far the most influencial band in terms of rock and roll. Their sound is still heard today in how bands play their music. Swan Song, Ramble On, Stairway, and Black Dog are absolute classics I would put on the top of any list.

Maybe its because I am too young to ever get into the beatles, but I just dont care for them. Other then Strawberry fields forever I dont care for their music.
They did have a huge influence in American pop culture but Zepplin was a culture all on theire own. The only other band that I can see having the influence of Zepplin would be Black Sabbath with their dreary and almost scary sound.
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