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Default Re: God is punishing me.

I'd have to disagree with you guys. God does allow us to be tested. When we proclaim our faith in him, he will test us. The bible even tells us (Preacher you may have to help on this one) that we will be tested in the fire that the impurities will removed from you.

One example of being tested. Job. In the Old Testament, Job was a man of God. Satan then talked to God and said that Job wouldn't have his faith if he took everything away. God allowed Satan to take away his house, family, livestock. Eventually God allowed Satan to take Job's health - but Job remained faithful. By the end of it all God had doubled everything that Job originally had. He ended with a bigger house, more livestock, a new family.

It just shows that if you are faithful to God, then God will be faithful to you. Just be strong and when you want to "Lay your hands" on the recruit, just pray - and let God take care of him.

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