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Default Re: ANOTHER congressman indicted for bribery, etc.

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
I guess that's as good an excuse as any for making the idiotic comments he made in the past and who is now standing by William Jefferson (no surprise there)......
C-Ray before the storm: Passed the CPA exam, owner of the local hockey team, cable executive. Came into City Hall and cleaned up corruption including the brake-tag system and cabbies who got licenses without passing the proper tests. It's actually a shame what he turned into.

C-Ray after the storm: Talks to Dr. King, says the storm was God's retribution on America for being in Iraq and black people for killing each other. Chocolate City. Doesn't want the city to be overrun by Mexicans. The WTC site is a "hole in the ground". Went to Philly and dissed it as being dirty. Um, OK--that last one is right

He should've been thrown out last year. While it's understandable to turn into a nut, a nut can't handle the job that needs to be done.
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