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Default Re: June 6, 1944

by Peter Thomas Pvt. 1st Infantry Division
(author participated in the D-Day invasion)

When we went in the Beach had been taken
The living fought on -- the dead forsaken
We were dropped into water up to our shoulders
We waded in -- a group of green soldiers
Onto that thin strip of beach
So many had tried to reach
They were the ones who went in first
Among the machine gun fire and shell burst

They went to watery graves
Sinking under the waves
The water was red
Red from the dead
Red from the dying
In agony crying
Those who made the land
Were not able to stand
They fell on the sand

Writhing in pain
Screaming for help in vain
Every advantage was on the hill
They murdered our men at will
We kept coming in from the sea
Wave after wave as far as you could see

Sheer courage and determination won
Not believing they were done
Dictated the victory that day
Others in the future will say
When they stand on that mighty height and say "I dont get it"
And look down on that beach "I don't see how they did it"

They fought for every inch, fought for it all
Up the sides of that fortified wall
Over the tops of those cliffs so tall
from the air, sea and on the land
they bravely died upon that sand

Beneath stars of david and white crosses
We buried our losses
Still there for us to see
Those who died so we could be free .
We can never forget but humbly beseech
Dear God bless the men who died on Omaha Beach
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