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Default Re: MySpace: Why are people so naive?

Originally Posted by Buzz05 View Post
I have one question. Where are the parents? When I was growing up I wasnt aloud to cross the street without my parents permission. Let alone have a computer in my own room. Mine was in a family room. I think parents need to take more responsibility for the actions of their own kids.

One of the big problems in society today is the decline in active parenting. Dual income families also add to this as kids are left unsupervised for longer periods of time. There are a lot of good and active parents out there, but there are a lot of poor ones, as well.

It's like the lady who sued McDonalds after spilling hot coffee on herself. It's hot coffee you moron!

Same thing here. How is My Space at fault for her daughter liying? If her parents were more involved in her life, she probably wouldn't have needed to get attention in that way.

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